Technology For Sick Computers


Many, many years of expertise in the field ! 

So, our aim is that any of your needs have to be fully fulfield - and practicly no questions unanswered!

There won't be anymore questioning on how to correctly use Microsoft Word, Works, Excel, Publisher, how to create and copy a DVD, do the DVD editing, how to save your favourite pictures and copy them on a disk or even more important how to protect your privacy while being on the net.

So why to struggle any more - just call me - I am available for any help you need and I can welcome you and help you at my home office - be my guest!!! 

Even the name and the number is easy to remember - just ask for Joseph and you can reach me any time at 02 63412468 or my mobile at 0417 691 557 -  or just initialy email me at [email protected] - I am always awailable to help you!

 If you prefer to talk and see  me "on live" you can also contact me on SKYPE - any time you need at my Skype name joseph.snauc