Technology For Sick Computers


      Been looking for some programs but the price   looks hot enough to burn a huge hole in your pocket? 

You will be simply amused with how much you will save just by picking up the phone and giving me a call, and I am positive that I can and will help you! 

Technology for Sick Computers - Cowra
Always at your service to resolve all the computer headaches.Will provide you FREE computer problem diagnostics.

Not even to mention that Technology For Sick Computers is always the most competitive, and happy to provide special rates for students, unemployed and pensioners!

The best of all - we will be delighted to offer you if you book your computer for check up FULL registry and viruses scan FREE - what you will pay elsewhere more than $80 !

Windows 7 is here - exiting - but what to choose - which version - what do you realy need - let us help you with decision and save you a bundle as well. You will have the highest - Windows 7 Ultimate instaled - up and running on so "hot" price which no one can and will even  match!

And not just that - our services can provide a lot more like - comming to your place, pick up and delivery service, PLUS helping to fix your computer even at your own home.

Our fast repair service will get you back on track in practicly no time - so let us help you to make it easy so that instead of owning a "BIG MONSTER", you can have a new "BEST FRIEND"!


We can bring your sick computers back to life,
offer a quick diagnosis, troubleshoot problems
and write a prescription to preserve your sanity.